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    Borrie’s has been serving up the finest in Italian and American Food since 1938.
    For generations, Borrie’s remains a testament to enduring values,
    great food and family ties that will never go out of style.

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    Make your reservation today and join us for the best in food and service.
    Borrie’s offers a truly unique dining experience and the best steaks in town.

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Emilio “Borrie” Grasseschi opened the doors of the popular Borrie’s Supper Club in 1938. Since then, four generations of Grasseschi’s have served its loyal customers and has become a true Black Eagle landmark.

Experience the best steaks, seafood, homemade raviolis & soups, famous spaghetti sauce and more that has kept customers coming back for the last eight decades.
Oh, and don't forget the breadsticks!

Weekly Specials

Prime Rib Tuesday


Once a week (Tuesdays only!) we cook up the most flavorful prime rib in town and serve it until it is gone. Each dinner comes with your choice of homemade soup and a salad (with choice of homemade dressing), your choice of a side and all the breadsticks you can eat. You can upgrade to a Full or Pullman size if you're extra hungry!

Wine Wednesday

wine wed steak

Stop in for dinner on Wednesdays and enjoy 1/2 off select bottles of wine! We have a great selection to choose from including: Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot, Red Blend, Riesling, Chardonnay ad Pinot Grigio. Wine down on Wednesdays with a nice glass of vino and your favorite entree at Borrie's!

Crab Leg Thursday


Enjoy $5.00 off market price of our king crab legs delivered directly from Alaska every Thursday. These are the most delicious crab legs you'll find in Montana! Served with homemade soup or salad (with choice of homemade dressing), your choice of side and all the breadsticks you can eat.


  • I actually have begun craving their salad and spaghetti sauce on a monthly basis. I just love the place. I usually order the large ravioli. The breadsticks are CLASSIC-everybody I know who is a regular just opens the pat of butter, and dabs the end of the breadsticks  into it. Very eFficient and delicious.

  • A Tradition of Excellence!
    This well established eatery has some of the best food in the Great Falls area. The steaks are fabulous. The chicken(pan fried) is great. The Shrimp Cocktail appetizer is one of my favorites. My wife and I always share one. I usually enjoy the Steak Sandwich and fries. Traditional atmosphere, well appointed bar, terrific service, and consistently great food. That is why I consider Borrie's a great way to spent an evening in Great Falls!

  • Totally my family's favorite place for dinner, we love their homemade raviolis, spaghetti and half-and-half the minestrone is the best I've ever had. My boys like the beef bones on Tuesday nights they come off the prime rib and don't forget to have the fried raviolis they are fantastic this is a family owned restaurant and you can tell they put hours and hours in to prepare their family recipes.

  • Old Fashioned Supper Club
    What a fun place! The dining room reminds me of an old fashioned supper club. Nothing fancy, just darn good food. I ordered deep fat fried shrimp and it came crispy and delicious and BIG! The dipping sauces were great. Also had a side of spaghetti. I just couldn’t resist, it looked so good on the table next to ours! They aren’t afraid to fill the wine glass and after a full day, it tasted mighty fine. People around me were pleased with their steaks and pasta dishes. It looked like everything was truly good. I did have a reservation as it was Saturday night. The place fills up, so it’s probably a good idea. Parking is easy but make sure you set your GPS to find this place. The neighborhood doesn’t make you think, ‘I bet that’s a good place to eat!’ But it really is.

  • Seriously my favorite place in the Great Falls. I'm from GF, but live outside the state. When I come home to visit the family, I eat here. The brown spaghetti sauce is original and it reminds me of my childhood. The steak is awesome. I never appreciated how good steak is in Montana until I ate a steak in Wisconsin. Borrie's has been the exact same since I was a kid, and I love them for it. Remember - they are a family owned place that has been around for a million years. They have never changed and never will. If you want fancier fare - Great Falls isn't the place to find it.

  • One of the best steaks I've had in Montana. Borrie's is an old-school steakhouse/Italian place which takes me back to the 60's dining out with my parents. The steaks are, simply, excellent. I have not tried any of their Italian dishes except the side of spaghetti that comes with the steak. Their spaghetti sauce is unique in that it's not a light, mainly tomato product. It's thick, heavy and meaty just like the Italian ladies I grew up around made. The salad dressings come in the old-school 4-dish caddy with their homemade dressings. Good value solid, if neighborly service.

welcome to borrie's