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Borrie's History

Family-owned and operated since 1938.

Borrie and Anna Grasseschi

Emilo "Borrie" and Anna Grasseschi in 1938.

Emilio “Borrie” Grasseschi opened the doors of the popular Borrie’s Restaurant and Lounge in 1938. Through the last eight decades, four generations of Grasseschi’s has served its loyal customers through thick and thin.

In the last 80+ years, Borrie's has become well-seasoned. In 1956, the business relocated to the corner of 18th and Smelter Avenue and thrives there today. In 1990, current owner and granddaughter of Borrie, Debbie Thomas, expanded the dining room to double its size. While the building changes have been subtle, so has the changes to its devoted staff. Many Borrie’s employees are either from the family tree or have been working there for anywhere from 30 to 50 years.

The longevity of Borrie’s staff is only outmatched by the longevity of its customers. Some have been dining in the restaurant their entire lives. The dress code and attitude is “come as you are” with people in their best-dressed to jeans and a t-shirt. Borrie’s is a community institution and a true Black Eagle landmark and experience.

The restaurant stays committed to quality and consistency. Every batch of spaghetti sauce, soup and salad dressing follows the same decades-old recipes. Right up there with their spaghetti sauce secret family recipe is their hand-rolled raviolis. They’re popular too, with 3,000-4,000 being made each week!

The love of Borrie’s through the generations has even expanded beyond its doors. Limited menu items are available for shipping (yes, the sauce for sure!) and enjoyed by the displaced customers longing for a taste of home and a family legacy in each bite.

Borrie’s remains a testament to enduring values, great food and family ties that will never go out of style.




Borrie's family and food

Established 1938


Debbie Grasseschi-Thomas


Debbie has been a staple at Borrie’s for decades, working her way through the entire establishment from the bottom to the top. From professionally butchering the Grade A beef and rolling the raviolis, to kitchen prep and managing employees, she has been key to the success of Borrie’s. Debbie has delegated some of her countless duties so she may have more time to enjoy her family, spend time at the mountain cabin and attend football games.

Barry Grasseschi


Barry is the keeper of the Grasseschi family’s secret spaghetti sauce recipe and is the sauce master. The amount of work, time and love that goes into each batch keeps Barry busy every day. Plus, the demand for more sauce is at an all-time high, keeping him working in batches so the sauce is always fresh and doesn’t run out! Barry enjoys the free time he can find with his family, his cabin at Holter Lake, Fall hunting trips, Utah State Alum football player and all things food! 

Cindy Grassesschi-Berg


Cindy has served as the head bookkeeper and secretary for over 3 decades. With retirement on the horizon, Cindy plans to spend as much time as possible with her near and dear grandchildren. She has played a vital part in the operations of Borrie’s and we wish her all the best!

Anna Grasseschi-Christofferson


Anna, a fourth generation of Grassesschi, has worked at Borrie’s since she was 12 and has been on the payroll since. She loves to help others and sees to it that Borrie’s takes part in giving back to the community. While she still works countless hours at Borrie’s, Anna is also co-owner of the Heidelberg Lounge with her husband.